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Class Offerings 


Ages 3-5

Our toddler program follows a "Creative Dance" curriculum.  Emphasis is placed on imagination with creative movement and learning basic vocabulary and rhythm patterns as well as establishing the guidelines to follow as a dancer in a studio setting. Children must be 3 years old before the first class to enroll.


Ages 5-7

Children ages 5-7 with no dance experience will enroll in this level. Tap, Jazz and Ballet are offered at this level.


Ages 8-10

Children ages 8-10 with no previous dance experience will be placed in this level. Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip-Hop are offered.


Ages 11-instructors discretion

Children ages 11 and up (at the instructor's discretion). Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip[ Hop are offered.  Students at least 12 years old and having a minimum of 2 years of Ballet may also start Pointe.


Middle & High School

Typically, this level is for high school and select middle school age students. Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Hip hop.  Students at this level with a minimum of 2 years of Ballet may also take Pointe.

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