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Eagle Xplosion Classes


Ages 6 and up, all skills welcome! Open style instruction, with coaches available to assist with skills that require a spotter and verbal critique on skills that do not require a spotter.


Athletes in this class will work on the basic positions, drills and movements such as tuck, straddle, bridge, handstands, forward rolls, cartwheels and standing back bends.

SUPERHERO (Ages 5-12)

Superhero is a high energy boys' only class that focuses on core, balance, flexibility, upper and lower body strength through tumbling.

TUMBLING LEVEL 1 (Ages 6 & Up)

**Age 5: Consistent Standing Backbend Required

Ages 6 & Up: No skills required

Athletes in this class will work on cartwheel, roundoff, backbend kickover, and walkovers.

TUMBLING LEVEL 2 (must have Front and Back Walkovers)

Athletes in this class will work on standing handsprings and standing handspring series.

TUMBLING LEVEL 3 (must have Standing Handspring)

Athletes in this class will work on running handspring, running handspring series, standing and running tuck, and advanced skills and passes.

INTRO TO ALL STAR (Ages 6-11 Or 12 & Up)

This All Star Cheerleading Intro class introduces athletes to a competitive environment before diving head first into it. In this class, athletes will learn stunting progression and technique, proper jump technique, tumbling foundation and drills, and will get dance experience.

DANCE POM/KICK (Ages 6-11 Or 12 & Up)

In this Pom/Kick class, athletes will focus on strong, clean motions, kick line technique, jumps and flexibility

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