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Seating will be reduced and distanced in the lobby to be used only by a parent/guardian of Toddler or Pre level students if needed.

We encourage all parents/guardians to wait in their vehicles for your student.


Masks will be required when entering and exiting the building. Students may remove masks while in class.


A station with hand sanitizer is available at the lobby entrance and gym entrance. Please remind your students to use it when entering and exiting the building.


Please drop your child off on time for class, and pick your child up 5 minutes early from class. This is to reduce the risk of students congregating in the lobby areas.


Dance store/reception area will be open with only 1 customer allowed in the store at a time.


No parents/guardians will be permitted inside of the dance studios. Parent observation will resume after COVID-19 Regulations are lifted.

Eagle Dance Center will be following Galion City Schools reopening policies based on Ohio’s Color Coded Level System during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Our policy is as follows:


LEVEL 1 (Yellow)    - Classes follow schedule.


LEVEL 2 (Orange)  - Classes follow schedule


LEVEL 3 (Red)         -   50% capacity. Group A will attend in person classes Weeks 1 & 3, and attend virtual classes Weeks 2 & 4 each month. Group B will attend in person classes Weeks 2 & 4, and attend virtual classes weeks 1 & 3 each month. **Each student will be assigned to Group A or Group B after all registration is completed. Parents will be notified of their student’s group VIA email.


LEVEL 4 (Purple)    - ALL students will attend ALL classes virtually

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